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What Are Run Flats Exactly, And Do I Have Any?

Open your car’s boot first, of course. What do you notice when you lift the floor cover? Your automobile is not equipped with run-flat tyres if there is a spare tyre tucked away in the trunk or a foam filler car repair kit. Yet, there is a significant probability that your automobile has run flat tyres installed, or at least it should if you don’t see either. Us at, Quick Tyre Services Ltd T/A professionals, will help you recognise the differences!

Run flat tyres have three key benefits, the first two among which are safety-related:

  1. You avoid changing the wheel along the side of the road, one of the riskiest circumstances you may find yourself in.
  2. The stronger sidewall helps to maintain your automobile under control in the case of a puncture.
  3. Without a spare wheel, the boot has more room, weighs less overall (remember, spare wheels are heavy), and gets better gas mileage.

Can I swap out my run-flat tyres with non-run-flat ones?

As run spare tires are more expensive, it may be tempting to do this, but it is not a smart idea.Run flats are frequently included as “Original Equipment”—the tyres that are already on the automobile when it leaves the manufacturer. This frequently indicates that the spare tire’s original area has been used for another use by the car’s designers, leaving the spare tyre cavity empty and the spare tyre missing. If you repair a run flat with a non-run flat followed by a second puncture, you’ll be stranded without a spare wheel in your boot.To determine if the tyres on your automobile have run flats or not, or to receive additional helpful tyre guidance and assistance, contact us at 07707 717000 to speak to Quick Tyre Services Ltd T/A professionals.

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